Industrial Scaffolding

If you are a large factory, power plant or smaller unit that requires industrial scaffolding, get in touch today. At ASW scaffolding, we provide industrial scaffold solutions in Neath and the surrounding areas. We can erect a range of structures to suit a variety of situations, from building repairs to maintenance and more. Since we are highly experienced and accredited, we provide the upmost safety meeting all industry standards, so you can rest assured that your scaffolding is safe and secure for whatever project you are working on. Just give us a call today to speak to a specialist or to find out more.

Supporting You

Safe And Secure Installations

As industrial scaffolding contractors, we are aware that the dangers on the job site go beyond what we do. We will make sure that our operations support yours, whether you are involved in dangerous materials handling, heavy lifting, or time-sensitive tasks on the job site. Tell us your site’s regulations, and we’ll follow them while using the most effective techniques to complete our scaffolding work.

When You Need It Most

Emergency Scaffolding

If you find yourself in an emergency for examples extreme weather conditions where a high wind has left, you with an unstable building we are here to help. Our services are available across Neath, Swansea, Carmarthen, Cardiff, and the surrounding areas 24 hours a day 7 days per week. For your total convenience. In addition, we can also assist on factories close downs and more. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will find a solution for you.

Essential Rules

What Are The Requirements For Scaffolding?

All scaffolding must be erected by a contractor who is trained and competent for health and safety reasons. We conduct the following essential rules when scaffolding as outlined by the legal Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Here To Help

What Happens During the Installation Phase?

If you are in the process of expansion, or performing operations in intervals to suit your current operations, we are here to help. We can erect and deconstruct any scaffolding at your preferred time. During the erecting phase, we will complete the below steps:

ASW Scaffolding Team will arrive and liaise with site management, ensure any signing in requirements or inductions. The supervisor/charge hand will complete a dynamic risk assessment and ensure the area is safe and isolated for our erection.  The work area will be barriered off accordingly ensuring that no vehicles or people come into our working area.

Upon completion, we will complete final checks of the structure and ensure all is in order with no potential for anyone gaining access to the scaffolding. Ladders from the ground removed or in the case of a controlled environment we will lock the ladder off with a HSE compliant ladder guard.

One of our management team will then attend, double-check the scaffolding against the design ensuring all measurements and construction is correct. Our management member will then have the client check the scaffolding ensuring they are happy and that it complies with their required access. A handover certificate is completed signed by both our management and client, and the structure then becomes the responsibility of the client.

ASW will continue to inspect the structure in accordance with the working at height regulations with 7 days being a minimum.  We will inspect within this period should there be adverse weather, an alteration to the structure or an impact with the structure be plant or a vehicle.

When the client has finished with the scaffolding, ASW will repeat point 1 above and dismantle the scaffolding safely, leaving the area clean and tidy.

Contact Us For Industrial Scaffolding Services

If you have any queries about our industrial scaffolding services, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. A team member will take your call and provide you with their expert advice.
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