Railway Scaffolding

At ASW Scaffolding, we offer and construct scaffolding using classic tube and fitting for any and all railway-related tasks. We have both the knowledge and experience to build scaffolds for a variety of rail-related applications. Every job is finished to the highest standard with the provision of hand over certificates, inspection records, and scaffolding tags. Furthermore, we have completed industrial scaffolding and works that were consistent with railway regulations for several of the biggest companies in the UK. From large scale projects to small access rail line requirements, simply give us a call today to speak to a member of the team.

Live & Non-Live

Professional Rail Scaffolders

As established, professional and accredited scaffolders, we complete a range of live and non-live rail projects including night works and track closures.  We work for some of the industries biggest rail contractors and complete all relevant design documentation for network rail approval.

Railway Scaffolding
All Project Sizes

Railway Services

When it comes to the railway, safety is essential and construction projects can be complex and tricky. So, allow us to help provide you strong and sturdy scaffold solutions that fit all project sizes. We provide a supply and fit service in all the following:

Unique Projects

Which Type Of Scaffolding Do Railways Use?

Scaffolding comes in a variety of kinds, all of which are large and structural. However, the most popular material is aluminium because it is lightweight and durable, making installation easier and faster by making product movement and carrying easier. Scaffolding for railway maintenance typically includes high-height towers that allow the user or worker to set up their work appropriately. The towers are usually constructed of steel, aluminium, and optional wood.

Contact Us Today For Railway Scaffolding

If you have any queries about our railway scaffolding services, then please get in touch by giving us a call. Our friendly and reliable member of the team is happy to discuss our work and will provide you with their expert advice.

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